Ever tried to search for information on our UK wildlife…?

Many many web searches reveal the sheer number of sites you need to search in order to find basic information.

Even more frustrating is that some of the information differs from one source to another! The only way to confirm what you find is to search multiple sites and then judge the information based on a majority.

No wonder so many people are switched off to the wildlife around them…

So we created a website and started filling it with lots of useful information about the wildlife around us here in the UK.

We’ve used multiple quality sources to gain & confirm (by majority) the information we’ve written and with so many people reading our information and in turn checking it we soon routed out any small issues along the way.

This has grown and grown over the years and our information is used by thousands of people all over the world to find out interesting facts about our UK Wildlife.

It’s a fair few years since we first started thewildoutside and technology has moved on immensely, so to improve our service we’ve now transferred over to wordpress. This allows us to pass on our in depth wildlife knowledge to everyone and now on any device too!

We hope you find our wildlife information useful and enjoyable. Please share our pages with your friends & family and lets help everyone enjoy and understand thewildoutside.